3am – After We Have Drunk Far Too Much

By Kirsten Hammermeister, April 24, 2023

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3am – After We Have Drunk Far Too Much Image

The pavement glistens

with slices of white luminance

and summer rain.

And the sky is empty,

and dark,

and beautiful. 

And our drunken bodies 

in a drunken kind of way

dance their way home.

And for some reason,

we do not talk.

We just look and laugh 

and stare and love.

As I struggle 

to place the key 

in the doorknob,

you kiss me 

with whiskey still on your lips.

When we get into the apartment,

we retire to the bedroom.

Too drunk to remember 

to drink water.

I am sunken into the bed,

while you get undressed.

And even though

all the lights are off,

I swear I can see the 


maybe the stars,

maybe the moon,

reflected in you.

And I have never wanted you more.

Come lay with me

for a while,

just a while.

Forever is just 

a minute away.

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