A Nic in time

By Jennie Bentley, April 21, 2020

Read time: 2 Mins

A Nic in time Image

Twenty four hours,

And countless sweet lines,

None which sounded like honey dripping from your lips

Once i saw the bee you held in your mouth –

Was gripped by a lion’s teeth.

You moved the way a hunter stalks their prey,

Following me around the living room floor –

Until finally grabbing my waist and kissing my neck

While your charm succumbed me, uncovered me,

And the place I swore that another would never unlace.

We drowned ourselves in bottles of wine

Whilst dancing on top of an old cow skin.

I fell to the floor and moved my fingers over the colour of your dead conquest,

The same moment I felt around my throat –

your hand easing the doubts in my chest.

In the dimmed cage of your bedroom you told me my compliments were unattractive.

How ironic for someone who claims egotistical is their main trait –

Is the same sensitive sulky little puddy cat

That won’t let love in and let someone see you fall from grace.

The vanity mirror above your couch

Saw you perform the lead act of ripping me apart.

Legs spread, being eaten alive, all the worlds a stage –

And here I am… merely playing my part.

A solid entertainer with a flair of vain.

You said you were trying hard to make me laugh.

As if the masking role of a jester

Would hide the fact that you haven’t even said my name out loud…

Except for in the dark.

I bit back at your self-absorbed comments like thorns in your paw.

You demanded respect for your pompous behaviour –

But I was not willing to build up your ego without showing me that

You deserved that crown you oh so longed for.

If only you could brush aside your mane

From your deep brown eyes and see the harsh truth shine with the light:

That a lioness by your side

Is the ultimate winning prize

In your never ending unsatisfied fight.

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