A Note on Spirituality

By Shayla Dobber, January 19, 2023

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In my darkest hours sometimes I ask the universe “show me how good it can get”.

I don’t know if it is in this time of desperation that my mind surrenders to finally see life’s beauty in the simplest of forms, or if the universe truly does listen to me.

But I like to think it does.

I never believed in anything as a child. I was christened catholic for tradition but never resonated with it. Fortunately I was only ever encouraged by my parents to live a life that felt right to me.

As I’ve grown I’ve met people from all walks of life and listened to their stories. There are thousands of different ‘religions’ per se. All with unique philosophies that I am fascinated by. I find it interesting that they can be so different but often intersect with similar messaging.

The thing I have discovered though is of course, how human of us.
How human of us to ask questions, and to seek those answers.

It is so innately human of us to look for something to help us make sense of the world.

So for me I ask the universe, spirit, nature, Mother Earth, higher source.

Show me how good it can get.
Show me spirit is guiding me.

And for me, she returns in butterflies 🦋

Sometimes in other synchronicities too.
But mostly butterflies.

During a particular difficult time in my life, a kaleidoscope of white butterflies would would follow me home.

Then I started finding their wings everywhere, at my door step, my window, in a sink.

Dragonflies and ladybugs followed.
And even a swallow flew into my room and perched on my bed.

Anyone that knows me is aware that particular bird is very special to my family as we consider it to be a passed loved one.

These were all reminders that I was going to be okay.
And I was.

If you are closed off to the idea of this, it’s okay. I can see why it may sound a little delusional, a little bit insane.
But I do believe in times of turmoil you need hope. Something to cling onto to keep you moving.

Whether the universe really listened to me, or if I finally leaned within and listened to myself, it still feels a bit like magic to me ✨

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