A noteworthy cleanse

By Erika Geraerts, February 26, 2020

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From my head to my desktop to here:


  • Started from the bottle now we’re here (Nick)
  • The hard thing about heart things. (Nick)
  • Anytime forever. (Nick)
  • I’m not ready to not see you again. (Nick)
  • The uncertainty in certainty. (Erika)

Eri’s TO DO:




Dinner Parties:

Jan – Nick, Anna, Tim 

Feb – Vday

March – Alicia and co

April – castle reunited

May – Zoe and Adam

June – fab 5

July – Apartment Produce


What you do is who you are

Why Buddhism is true

Why you will marry the wrong person 

The One Thing



Fluff thots:

Are we the average girl? Are we talking to them? Are we too cool to be basic?

I am grateful for:

Sometimes life takes away what you want to give you what you need. 

27/2/2019: Permission, writing letters and burning them, forgiveness. 

Sad, angry, controlling. Wanting to be seen, heard, understood. These are my triggers. Feeling like I can’t speak up. 

Little habits:

Not buying things in plastic or glass ever. Eating in or unwrapped veggies and fruit.

Till divorce do us part. 

Stacie: relationship, letting go of my idea of what it could have been and accepting the reality of what it is. Trusting my gut. Not letting my ego win.

Work; fear of failure. As above ^ going with the process, being patient. Lost confidence and inspiration but not ambition.

Girls: letting go of sadness surrounding why they can’t be happy for me- why do I need that acknowledgment. 


Earth connection


I trust myself and the choices I make. 

Let the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary. 

Fluff is: bread.

Slower is faster. 

The bare maximum.

When you’re getting the bread who

Isn’t eating.

When you’re winning who is losing. 


Meep, I listen to deep work.

Things I learn, and say because I love you, and us, and how we want to be better, on our own and together, and change the world. We can only do this by continually challenging each other to be better. 


What if the sky was green?

The sun was the moon?

What does this all mean?

We grow up in context

On Z:

You can be a really nice person or a really shit person, pending your environment, where you are, who you’re with. When we were together, when you’re with your kids, you’re amazing. You now are shit. Make a choice. 

Magician Analogy

You sit in the store and you see the floors that you don’t love – the scuffs on the yellow counter, the things that to you feel to be imperfect. But you’re the magician. You’ve seen it all come together. The trick isn’t special to you because you saw it when it was pulled apart, when it was shit, when it was just the idea of magic.


The beauty industry




Fake eyelashes


Marriage is: 

A celebration of the love you’ve had, not the love you think you’ll have. 


Unedited notes on your notes:

“I know I don’t make enough time to do things like this. Sitting alone in a pub, writing, thinking, getting closer to the ideas and thoughts that really matter. I shouldn’t have to travel to the other side of the world for this sort of stuff, but the truth is that I actually feel that I do.”

I agree. We should lock this in somewhere. Whether it’s seperate or together. Probably seperate.

Nh: yeah and it just shouldn’t be something that happens rarely. 

A small list of women I’d actually hang out again.

There’s not much truth in beauty right now but there’s beauty in the truth. 

Love is so light, so accordingly we don’t give it much weight. 

Quotes I like:

To a large degree, wisdom is the ability to take your own advice. -Sam Harris 

One day I’ll get this couch: 

Throw me in the bin, light the bin on fire.

I miss you in a way that just feels empty and flat.

I miss your good heart around mine. I miss getting angry at how beautiful you are. 

The way I experienced what you said.

What I’m suggesting is. 

Dream Diary:

Walking with Michael from Aesop talking about business and bad staff emails.

Then I was in London and I asked a cute boy out to dinner. Who look like Lucas.

Then I was in a lingerie store buying stuff and Maya was the attendant.

Charlie something. 

People I meet.

Neil – renovating upstairs. Norwegian. 

Dave – cafe, crosswords. 



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