A reminder: Who I am. For when I forget.

By Ellen Jenkinson , March 2, 2022

Read time: 3 Mins

A reminder: Who I am. For when I forget. Image

I believe in sunshine warming your bones, that a cool breeze can baptise you, that you can be born again in a winters morning ocean swim, that early mornings will change your life (when you’re ready to wake early), that you can fall in love 4 times a day and have your heart broken by people who don’t know you exist.

I believe friends can be more important than family and that it’s ok to feel lost amongst your own blood. I believe plants have feelings and dogs can read ours, that someone’s emotions should be handled like thin glass, that fights should be paused so you can hug and carry on, that leaving is the most hurtful thing you can do, and allowing space is the kindest. I believe that flashbacks of someone’s face next to yours on a pillow will softly haunt you for the rest of your life and that there are people you have known in other lives.

I believe bright socks make you run faster and long silk dresses should be worn whenever you want. I believe in windows open with Van Morrison spilling onto the balcony, that apples taste better when a friend cuts them up for you and that running late at night is as close to flying as I ever get. I believe that kind customer service can change your day, that leaving strangers notes can save a life, that a smile means more than we will ever realise and that cutting a cue is disgusting behaviour.

I believe no ice cream is worth lining up for, anchovies go with eggs, salt belongs on everything, that vegetables are magic and that none of us drink enough water. I believe candlelight brings us back to our center, that the internet pulls us away from it and some people help guide us back home, even when the lights have gone out. I believe sleeping naked gives you bad dreams, that sheets should be untucked and that sleeping next to someone is never as good as a night’s sleep alone. I believe music is a love language, that words will save our souls and that art will take us places we didn’t know we could go, that drug-induced conversations at 4am are a waste of air but also a rite of passage.

I believe in mangoes in summer, in keeping your space clean, in long solo drives, in marriage, in monogamy, in being open to it all, in sex without love and love without sex. I believe just about anything is possible with communication and care. I believe that hell is the dark place where all our unspoken words live, the ones that would have repaired, released and resurrected.

I believe you can love your job as much as you love your free time, that nice things are nice to know and that more people should cook together. I believe everyone should live and travel alone. I believe in share houses, in hostels, in instant connections and slow burns.

I believe I know who I am and that’s enough for now.

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