Am I Addicted To Heartbreak?

By Jasmine Cross, May 2, 2018

Read time: 2 Mins

Am I Addicted To Heartbreak? Image

Or is heartbreak addicted to me?

I need to talk about this.

Wherever I have lived, and wherever I may live, I am sure I will have many heartbreaks to come.
I always think I have seen my last when another one comes racing around the corner and crashing into my mended heart.

Note: you cannot avoid it, so don’t even try.

Even if I don’t go searching for it, love always finds me, especially when I try and hide away from it.
I love being in love.
I think there is way too much thought about being in love or not, and I will never let anyone tell me what love is because it’s different for everyone! If you think you’re in love, then guess what, YOU ARE IN LOVE, there is no denying it.

Back to what I came here to say, I practically fall in love like the way you fall into your bed when you come home tired and it’s cold and rainy outside. I have diagnosed myself to be a Hopeless Romantic. I move into things way too fast, but I think that is okay, I love being so in touch with my feelings and I love the freedom of thinking it’s good to say whatever I feel.
The unfortunate part is, a lot of people don’t agree with me on that matter, and that is why my romantic partners never last more than two weeks.

I’m okay with heartbreaks, they’re so honest and final, and they offer me more opportunities to know what I want and to grow within myself.

I appreciate heartbreaks for that.

So thank you heartbreaks, you are so cruel but so kind in the long term.

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