An Experiment with Language

By Fluff Editorial, September 29, 2022

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An Experiment with Language Image

I’m kinda stuck on a few phrases of late.

“Everything happens for a reason.”

“There are no failures, only learnings.”

“What will be, will be.”

But what’s wrong with accepting failure? Acknowledging defeat? Saying that something didn’t turn out how I wanted?

What if I missed an opportunity? Fucked up an experiment? Perhaps timing had other ideas or I couldn’t control the people around me?

Optimism feels like a crucial part of life. But avoiding reality and the law of cause and effect doesn’t.

I guess it’s true – even if I don’t like how something is, it doesn’t change that it still is.

Should we edit these lines instead?

Everything happens. And then we create a reason.

What will be, will be. And how I move forward is up to me.

There are failures. And we learn from them.

Stumbling is key.

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