By Fluff Editorial , November 25, 2019

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there is a life dwelling inside that no longer exists

a haze so heartlessly tapered by the rusted fragments of reality

the only problem with dreams, i would say

is that to exist inside them only diminishes the self

for the absent minded prefer the imagined to the painful

and that is ok, if you’re wary

i am not wary

i am scared

the darkness deafens as the life i dreamt for myself

so vibrant compared to the life i find myself in

seems to oversaturate 

your colours are so loud

they deafen the landscape

you can’t hear the trees for the birds

for the birds, pickup more birds

a cocks cuckoo might wake you

but can you still dream if you’re woke?

i am not woke

i am broke

and broken, soon, by the weight of the saturation

and the saturated sound of so many voices

saying nothing, nothing, so little

over and over again

drink, drink, drink to remember

this is what you wanted, boy

you’re living the dream

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