By Helen Edgar , March 4, 2020

Read time: 1 Min

Anti-Cleansing Image

Roast carrots with their hair on

Leave that piece of toothpaste in the corner of your mouth
Buy a different type of bread
Walk backwards for 1 minute without looking
Say hello to something that won’t say anything back
Whisper sweet nothings into your pillow
Write the alphabet backwards and reversed
Take a new route to your happy place
Dig your toes into something dirty
Wear something that isn’t you
Draw something continuously for 1 minute, then put it on your fridge
Have a cold shower then eat ice cream in your towel
Use chopsticks instead of a spoon
Message someone your dream, who you don’t know well
Dance with only your arms
Try using the word moist as many times as you can in a day
Stand still and miss your train on purpose
Make dinner for breakfast

How do you feel? Better.

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