April Horoscopes

By Fluff Editorial, April 1, 2021

Read time: 2 Mins

April Horoscopes Image


It’s something we don’t have much of.

Here are some decisions we’ve made for you, to make your life easier this month.

Easiness not guaranteed.


Think before you speak.

Change your coffee order to a piccolo.

Use Fluff Face Oil #3.

Tell them how you truly feel.

Donate to the orang-utans.


Stop being so stubborn. Give in.

Have a long black once in a while.

Wear Fluff Bronzing Powder in whichever shade you like.

Call your mum.

Buy a reusable water bottle.


Be the nice twin.

Make coffee on the stove at home.

Fluff Face Oil #1 every morning.

Communicate more clearly.

Pause all spending.


Today is the day you eat well.

Have a short black.

Apply Fluff Face Mask and sleep in til 9am.

Scream out your window.

Talk to your accountant.


Tell yourself you’re a good person.

Bake a coffee cheesecake.

Massage your face with the Fluff Kabuki Brush.

Write a letter to a special person.

Spend your time.


Stay young at heart.

Make a banana smoothie.

Spritz Fluff Floral Water.

Be nice to your mamma.

Buy some Vans. Or a van.


Lose your balance.

Don’t bother with decaf.

Try the Fluff Lip Oil #2.

Return their call.

Invest in sustainable kitchenware.


Notice the sting. Feel it. Hold it. Let it go.


Make time to Gua Sha your face.

Talk to yourself in the mirror.

Buy an old book.


Love your mistakes.

Ask for a double shot.

Snuggle your Fluff Wash Cloth.

If you don’t like them, don’t make time for them.

No more impulse purchases.


Say yes all day.

And a croissant, please.

The Fluff Face Oil Sample Set is for you.

Reply to the oldest emails first.

Don’t buy whatever you’ve been eyeing off.


Let yourself float in the water.

Switch to oat milk.

Begin your nightly ritual: Fluff Face Oil #2

Who do you love? Tell them out loud.

You should buy more vegetables.


Clear your mind, let go of the past.

Let the barista chose.

Apply Fluff Lip Oil #1 to your cheeks.

It’s okay to give yourself time.

Don’t use a credit card.

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