April Horoscopes

By Ellen Jenkinson, April 4, 2022

Read time: 3 Mins

April Horoscopes Image


Get out of your head. 

Life’s been long and you’ve been lucky to live a lot of it. You know life is for you, so don’t let it pass you by. Patterns and routines are good, but remember when you colour outside the lines you can create unexpected art. 


Love harder with softer intention. 

You’re feeling the most ‘you’ you’ve felt in a while but remember it’s not about you. Dedicate time to others. Feel how good it feels to deliver strawberries to friends on a Sunday morning instead of waking up to that stranger that shouldn’t have found their way into your bed. Give yourself and time to others.


You don’t need that support. 

The thing you thought you couldn’t do without that person? You can. And you are already. You are all the bits and parts you need and you know more than you know. When you feel the doubt come in, talk to it. “Dear Doubt, You have protected me before and I thank you for that, but I do not need you today.” 


Find love in setting boundaries. 

Plant your roots so firm in the ground that no one can shake you. Bend in a breeze but never crack. Find the beauty in your ability to adapt and to grow but remember where you stand, and remember you came from a tiny seed and you got more growing and shedding to do. Be willing to lose limbs, to grow new ones in new ways. Love this process, even when it hurts. 


Be interested, not interesting. 

Open your head up, crack it open like a dropped watermelon and be starving for information. For new ideas. New people. Be open to receiving. Question. Be curious. Listen. Ask the questions that seem silly, or seem a little too deep. It’s incredible where a path of questions can take you. 


Find your flow. 

Find the things you love. The things that make you forget about love, and make you feel it. Find the things that make everything else go black, like tunnel vision. Do them. Pour energy into the place where  Do them instead of sitting on your phone tunnel-visioned in apps. Dedicate yourself to this art, whatever it is, and feel love in that, not in a heart icon on Instagram. 



It’s been chaos lately but still times are coming. Remember that agitation is just sensation and sit in this discomfort. Accept the things you cannot control and see how wild it is to just let it be. 


Understand your story.

Pause to recall your earliest happy memory. Where were you? Who was there? How did you feel? This is the most authentic version of you. Go to that place every morning and enjoy what it has to offer. 


Find the other colours in a grey day.

Notice how the water is more blue, the trees more green. The sun may have dipped behind a cloud but there is as much to admire in a dull day as there is a bright one. Shift your thinking to appreciate new tones.


Go home.

This doesn’t have to be a place. It could be a person, a conversation, a book. Go to the place where everything feels safe and familiar. Even just for a moment. You moved out for a reason but sometimes we all need to go home. 


Trust the process.

You can stop the search. It’s long and fruitless. The truth is you already are what you are searching for. 



Ask for help.

You’re used to having the world on your shoulders but remember others help carry the load, too. Ask for help. It doesn’t mean you’re failing just that it’s been a long walk with a heavy weight.


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