Ashley’s 2019

By Ashley Diamantis , December 20, 2019

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🌾my yearly horoscope promised me that this year would be the year that some big changes occur in my life, oh no

🌾started interning at fluff, made some things
🌾hung out with some old friends, realised we didn’t have that much in common anymore
🌾got my ears pierced
🌾started interning at a magazine publication
🌾tried to crush a water bottle with a car, the bottle just rolled wish the tyre (lol)
🌾made a little fluff documentary for an assignment
🌾bought my baby half-sister a juicy couture tracksuit
🌾turned 21
🌾began my tiktok addiction (I call it ‘tiktak’ in public because I’m embarrassed of people hearing me talk about it)
🌾learnt how to make GIFs
🌾went to the NGV about a hundred times
🌾travelled overseas by myself for the first time ever (to study in Italy)
🌾fractured my wrist two days into the trip
🌾saw so many beautiful things
🌾listened to the last Papal Address of the summer, then took an illegal photo in the Sistine Chapel
🌾tried opening my third eye (no idea if anything actually happened)
🌾came back unable to process any dairy whatsoever
🌾gave the boy I liked a keychain, haven’t spoken to him since lol
🌾painted my whole face pink, still not sure why
🌾learnt about imposter syndrome, hit close to home
🌾saw The 1975 live, cried
🌾felt alone and a little empty inside
🌾made a short film
🌾finished my final year of university
🌾got my ears pierced, again
🌾started talking about my feelings a little more, felt mushy
🌾bleached the front sections of my hair, people stared looking at me a lot more than usual
🌾listened to a lot of Lorde
🌾started working on a short film wiht one of my lecturers
🌾charged my iPod Touch and watched some videos I made with my sisters almost 10 years ago
🌾still trying to figure out where I’m going and what I’m doing
🌾hopeful that good things are coming

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