August Horoscopes

iPhone Wallpapers by Coco Sims

By Fluff Editorial, August 1, 2019

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Aries: Earth to Aries, earth to Aries. “Should” is a shit word. Sad is a time to sit. Sometimes the locket doesn’t stay locked. Tip top.

Taurus: mop your floors. Sift through your potion box. I don’t really know what is worth while for your time- that’s for you to decide. Everyone will always give you advice but that advice doesn’t even work.

Gemini: it’s easy to forget your passwords. And lose a cat. What would come out of your head if you cracked it open? Do you like what you see?

Cancer: remember, a friend wouldn’t tell you to cover up. A friend wouldn’t tell you that you’re more with makeup on. You’re not the thing you’re feeling, it’s only a feeling.

Leo: Leo, Leo on the door. I mean wall. Don’t fake a single thing.  Meditating helps a butt load. Who are you when no one is bothering you?

Virgo: remember to stare at all of the walls. Wander into work. Learning is not a chore. I know you want to sit on the grass all of the time but you will get itchy. 

Libra: find solace in dolphin stickers. Delete all of your emails. You don’t have to make art to be important. Dial 1800-4-FLUFF.

Scorpio: would you rather cry or scream? You are magic without the internet. You see beyond the pixels. But you might be afraid because you think to yourself “what if my best is kind of disappointing?”, Same. We shouldn’t think that way.

Aquarius: spin your cloud around. Stare into your alien reflection for 30 seconds. Maybe if you stopped acting like you knew everything then you wouldn’t feel so on edge all of the time. 

Sagittarius: sheep count people when they’re trying to sleep. Sometimes it’s nice to eat shitty food. I’m not sure that you need to get up to speed with all that speedy stuff. Speed less.

Capricorn: When you feel like lava, remember that it’s not here to stay. Dreams are great because you don’t have to see yourself. You get to see everyone else.

Pisces: you talk a lot about the plant. Not too much about the dirt it sits in. You are a bubble forming and bubbles form to burst.

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