August Horoscopes

By Fluff Editorial, August 1, 2020

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Future reading

The words came out of the pen before we had time to think them. Burnt caramel, toasted coffee.

Aries: Move.

If you have a desk, move it by the window – light will uncover your thoughts and show you that your creativity has been there all along.

Taurus: Money

If you’re going to buy one thing this month make sure it is incense. Choose a scent based solely on how the words make you feel.

Gemini: Dance

Have a dance party with your lover: a 1-hour set. On your own? Perfect. Dance because no one is watching.

Cancer: Cut

Whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do with your hair, book it today. Life’s too short to not follow your gut. It’s just hair, it’ll change back eventually.

Leo: Coffee

One morning next week take yourself out for coffee and get that treat you look at in the cabinet each day. Go for a walk and enjoy every bite.

Virgo: Family

If you have a sibling, message them you love them. That’s it. If they’re no longer here, they’ll hear you anyway.

Libra: Read

Do you remember what your favourite children’s book was? Find it, Google it, read it.

Scorpio: ECG

Remember, life is full of ups and downs, without them you’d be dead.

Sagittarius: Relate

Ask your parents to tell you about a time their heart was broken. Understand they’ve felt the same things you have.

Capricorn: Worry

If you’re worried about someone close to you, tell them it’s because you care. Remind them about their smile, it’s still there.

Aquarius: Work

Talk to your boss. Maybe you both want a change in career. Wouldn’t it be nice to try something new?

Pisces: Luck

This month is up to you.

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