August Horoscopes

By Fluff Editorial, August 6, 2021

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& Letting Go

A Soul Mode, by Intuitive Kinesiologist Julia Poppleton, is a predictable pattern that is cycled through by beings at different speeds. The more in tune we are with ourselves and these cycles, the quicker we move through each one. We can work out our mode based on our current needs, desires and emotions. And we can plan for our energy states so that life flows.

WILD MODE – Fire Element (Heart, Triple Warmer, Small Intestine, Circ-Sex meridians)

  • Acceleration, movement, visionary, passion, impulse
  • Intuitive downloads
  • Impulsive and most reactive (most likely to retaliate)
  • Needs to feel free to move, expand (uncaged)
  • Need to feel things quickly and do things quickly
  • High intensity training, running, cardio

** Looking for the space or freedom to vent, expand and can do aggressively …… let them.

BEAR MODE – Water Element (Kidney and Bladder meridians)

  • Internal upgrade, survival, nervous system regulation, stillness, being, recover and rest
  • Douse’s our Fire (can bring on self doubts… fear)
  • Slowing down or stopping altogether
  • Value the day of nothingness
  • Going inwards, working through our deepest fears, how we have been programmed

**Feel lost, slow to talk, depressed energy, crying. Looking for help to “power down”. Just let them be heard and be “held”.

SUPER MODE – Wood Element (Liver and Gall Bladder meridians)

  • Super charged kick of energy
  • Structure, boundaries, needing a plan
  • Organisation, list making, doing
  • Clean and precise
  • Motivation
  • Happy to “do” (deco utter, clean, organise)
  • Likes movement (walking, jogging, outdoors)

** Looking for reinforcement, structure, the goal, the step forward, information.

SPARKLE MODE – Earth Element (Stomach and Spleen meridians)

  • Needs connection, loves people
  • Excited (fills social calendar), social butterfly
  • Presence
  • Nurturing
  • Celebration
  • Adornment (makeup, dressed up)

** Looking for nurturing

Now, if you know what mode you’re in – you can let go. But what of?


Anger. Respond with love.


The need to be right. Otherwise you’re assuming everyone else is wrong.


Certainty. Embrace the unknown.


Judgement. Gossip is a boomerang.


Internal pressure. Everything external will fall into place.


Success. Happiness is within.


The familiar. Create in and of your own.


Fear. Do a handstand in front of your bed and embrace the fall.


The story. Look at reality.


The answer. Questions will always unfold.


Attention. Satiate your own hunger.


The muzzle. Pick up the microphone. Use your voice.

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