Autofill suggested I title this article “The End of my Life”

By Adelaide Everheart, April 2, 2020

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Autofill suggested I title this article “The End of my Life” Image

On the weekend all of my work ended.

Years of hustling, juggling multiple casual jobs, establishing a business and career in a completely new field all just quietly evaporated. It’s been a strange feeling, I expected to feel grief over all the hard work I had done, and grief over lost hope.

But I feel calm.

I feel free. So completely free of all the anxiety, stress, and feeling un-valued in the things that I did to earn money. Even not earning money has given me a sense of freedom.

What has really hit home over the past two weeks of uncertainty and fear, is that for the first time in years, I can rest and reset.

Now is the time to cleanse.

I am cleansing myself of all the things that I thought were a priority. I got it wrong.

Those things didn’t really matter, and I tied myself in knots over them. Time to wash them away.

I was always so busy, doing so many things, keeping up appearances, taking on more work, doing more, feeling guilty for not doing enough, pulled in so many directions, without focus.

Now is the time to cleanse me of the idea that being busy was equal to success.

My world has had the reset button pressed, so now I can start with a clean slate.

Spend the next period of time in isolation to cleanse me of a build-up of old ideas and priorities.

To write, to paint, to draw, to cook, to make, to create, to clean, to come to recognise me again.

Ready to enter whatever our new normal will be, clean, and fresh, and open.

Most importantly, cleansed of being busy.

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