Big boredom mood

By Maddison McConnell, August 17, 2020

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Big boredom mood Image

If you do any three of these things you may be bored:

Wake up at 11am.
Make my 100th cup of tea.
Discuss what makes a good stamp.
Watch too many terrible reality shows.
Play around with green eyeshadow.
Online window shopping.
Post and delete one million images on Instagram.
Share useless things on my story.
Fall in to the rabbit hole of Wikipedia.
Bake sheets of pastry.
Eat the pastry.
Refresh Instagram for the 10th time.
Make the bed.
Search for the most expensive thing on Etsy.
Late night Showers in the candlelight.
Thrive in the silence of isolation and boredom.
Fall asleep at 4am.

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