By Fluff Editorial, December 17, 2018

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Bobby Image

If you happen lose Bobby, fear not. Bobby has plenty of fates to meet.

Empathetic creature, Bobby is. Great imagination. Bobby is programmed to understand, everything and anything! The place at the bottom of your bag mustn’t have any electricity. No street lamps. It’s dark there, forever. Bobby puts up with the fact that the world of bag can be a little squishy and suffocating. That’s just the way that world works. Bobby understands the big debut on our heads is a tiny pinch and a big stretch to arrive: apparently beauty is pain. Bobby understands that sometimes friends are lost in-between life and abducted by aliens. Ignorance is bliss. And ignorance comes in handy because the truth is that Bobby happened to take a ride through the vacuum cleaner. The cat hair and balls of fluff up there are aliens from another dimension. Though just because Bobby understands every little thing, doesn’t mean you should be careless with Bobby. Because Bobby is a Bobby person in Bobby world, too.

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