Books That Made Me Cry & Why

By Shelby Hamilton, May 8, 2018

Read time: 2 Mins

Books That Made Me Cry & Why Image

These books happened to make my eyes cry.

I’m not certain as to why…

The reasons tend to vary. You could say that I find them a little scary?

Not scary like a spook or an unnerving fright.

Scary as in, ‘Oh, wow!’, I can feel all of the tiny nerves in my body… The ones that I typically only feel at night.

When I read these books, my tiny nerves feel a pang!

Like rolling, rolling, rolling down the hill and ending with an enormous bang!

The things I saw were so beautiful that they made my insides feel sad.

But feeling sad for a book is a good cause, even if you feel somewhat mad.

Because each word moulds together, and unlocks another level with an extra special key.

And that’s what makes books cooler than anything else, to me.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer made my heart drop all the way to the floor. I would pick it up and place it in my bed with me but it kept falling out. Sometimes it would get so warm that it would melt. And if nothing is beautiful and true then it makes sense that this is fiction. A quote in this book reads, ‘Songs are as sad as the listener.’ I think that can be applied to books, too. All I have to say is cup phones. YES and NO. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close makes me want to write more letters.

Memoirs Of A Geisha by Authur Golden made me cry because the author made me feel like I was wherever he wanted me to be. Like his little puppet. I still felt free though. I was in Japan, chasing the words down like butterflies with my big butterfly net. I went to Japan every day whenever I felt like it. Chiyo’s determination made me feel EMO. I cried because I wouldn’t want the book to begin or end in any other way. I still miss Chiyo.

I felt like I cried all the way through Just Kids by Patti Smith. My copy is ruined! Life was different back then. Surreal, like a film, to us. Real to them. Our world must feel surreal to them too. Not a dream. Just dreamy and perfectly imperfect. I fell through each page like Alice down the rabbit hole. I wanted to keep falling again and again and put all of her words and stories in my pocket. I like when people make every thought feel special. I sobbed because the way Patti and Robert defined love makes me wonder and makes me believe. Kinda like fairies. I never wanted the pages to run out on me.

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