Brain: Sorry, I didn’t mean to

By Mackenzie Black, March 4, 2020

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Brain: Sorry, I didn’t mean to Image

My brain means well, but it’s cleansing me of important chemicals.

It’s a bit inconvenient but it doesn’t know any different.

We usually see serotonin/dopamine/happy chemical deficient disorders to be negative, because I guess they are. It’s not that great to be tired of life, but as I said, my brain doesn’t know any different. There isn’t much of a point being angry/upset/annoyed at my brain for cleansing something it doesn’t want. Everyone has personal preferences, why is my brain any different? 

In a way, this cleansing process can be positive. It can aid us to start putting stuff into perspective. It can guide us to care for the right things, and often, appreciate life. Sometimes we want to die, cry, sleep for a (long) while, and that’s okay. 

Cleansing is typically seen as eliminating the bad to let in the good, but sometimes it means eliminating the good, to see the bad, to let in the *ExTrA* good.

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