Brush your teeth, wash your hair

By Jemimah Di Natale, August 6, 2020

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Brush your teeth, wash your hair Image

Boredom has forced me to face difficult things that have been laying deep within. With no distractions.

So I made a list of things to do (or at least try) in effort to feel a bit better and experience the present moment without judgement.

Take notice of your physical feelings and sensations when you’re happy, sad or mad. Just notice your body and let go of thoughts. Did you forget to breathe? Did your heart go faster? Did your arms tingle?

Keep a log of negative chatter in your mind. What did it say to you? What were you just looking at? See a pattern.

Say kind things to you child self. Ask her why she’s scared and lonely. Reassure her that she’s enough and is doing her best.

Remember the things that you love to do alone and do them. Reading, writing, craft, tarot for yourself, dress-ups, rewatching favourite movies over and over.

Use the unfollow, mute, do not disturb, not interested buttons. PS we don’t have to be available to everyone all the time.

Take care of yourself. Food, water, sleep. Brush your teeth, wash your hair, change your clothes or put on clean pyjamas, fluff your pillows and take a moment for fresh air even if its just opening a window.

Sticky note reminders on the mirror, next to your bed and on the back of the toilet door. Whatever you need to hear.

Surrender to the unknown.

The end.

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