Clayton Ciolac: Y/N?

By Fluff Editorial, November 1, 2018

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Clayton Ciolac: Y/N? Image

Are you alone? Yes.

Downloading avocados from the internet? Yes. Black on black on black? Every single day. Ignorance? No. Candles? Yes. Signet rings? YES. Letting a dog lick your mouth? No bingo. George Costanza? Gold, Jerry. GOLD.

Soul mates? Always. Drop crotch pants? No. Bleaching your hair? Nope. Tuna sandwiches in small shared spaces? Criminal. Conspiracy theories? Big yes. Slam poetry? Bigger yes. Eating slightly green bananas? Never. Packing shelves at Coles? Y E S.

Lasagne? Fuck. Yes. Being quiet? Yes. Are Christmas carols trying to destroy humanity? ALWAYS. Are you happy? I don’t know. Purple? Yes. Sun? NOPE. Have you met a cat and wondered if it was Professor McGonagall? I wish this was a no.

Clapping when the plane lands? No. Black coffee? Every fucking day. Aussie hip hop? No. Tightly tucked sheets? Yes. Rainy Sunday mornings? Big yes. Footy? No. The smudge of face grease on a shared work phone? Help.

Can you buy good vibes from a gypsy? Yes. 68 hours without sleep? Yes. Are you on time? Yes. Saddle club theme song? YEP. Kissing in public? Sometimes. Soft boiled eggs? Yes. God? Never. Tee shirt tucked? Yes. Fluff boys? Always.

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