Cleaning Out My Phone

By Shay Dober, March 12, 2020

Read time: 2 Mins

Cleaning Out My Phone Image

Getting lost in the abyss 

Washing my hair

Opening my windows

Listen to the rain

Submerging myself in the bath 

Notice things you haven’t before 

Washing my makeup brushes 

Dirty them again

Changing the sheets 

Sleeping in it right after 

Emptying the shit from my bag 

Just to mess it up again

Kinda like it messy 

It’s nice to cleanse 

I like things scattered

A beautiful mess 

Life is messy

Books out of order

Too many plants and too many things on the walls 

Sometimes too many things in my head

Write it down

Rip it up


Maybe cleansing is being messy

Maybe cleansing is to let go

To write so only you can read it  

To have a method to your madness

That not many can decode

I know now that cleansing is not millennial pink and clean slates 

It’s therapy sessions with your best friend in the car

It’s windows down and music up

It’s going slow when you’re being told to go fast

It’s colour and romanticising a life that is yours 

Cleansing is meditation 

A balance between loud music and laying in the sun 

don’t fall for the cleansing you see on Instagram 

It’s fake 

I promise

It won’t cleanse you at all 

Something as important as cleansing

Should not look the same for everyone 

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