curry is good.

By Jenna McGuigan, April 30, 2020

Read time: 2 Mins

curry is good. Image

It feels like mother earth is in a state of cleansing. Purging her soils of synthetic toxins. The water is clear. The air is pure. From inside my window it’s nice. I want to walk barefoot on the grass and feel the crisp air on the tip of my nose. I want my footprint to tred lightly and not harm mother earth. But for now, from inside my window it’s nice. 

Curry is good because you make the best curry. And you make me smile.

As an artist isolation is interesting. It’s forcing me to look inward for inspiration. But i’m also taking time to discover new things. I’ve found video art and moving image. I love it. 

Being stuck at home has made me incredibly lethargic.

I was driving to work this morning and the sky was a neon orange. Like someone took a highlighter to the clouds. It was beautiful. 

I feel stuck a lot. Like i have all of these amazing ideas constantly generating, like there’s a creative force inside of me that wants to be something. be passionate. But i just don’t act on these ideas as much as i want to. i don’t know why. maybe it’s because i’m in too much of a daily pattern. or maybe i’m scared that the ideas i want so badly to be a reality will fail. you make it better though. You make me passionate and motivated to be wholeheartedly myself. I love you. 

At the moment i seem to have a lot of time to think about nothing.

My room was a mess a few weeks ago. i think was a reflection of my mind. scattered. confused. unkept. it showed me that i needed some help, and that’s okay. in order to purge you have to have some things to work through, right ? it’s better now, my room. and instead of waking up and feeling disappointed in myself, i wake up and feel good. a necessary isolation cleanse.

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