By Elyse Aparo , November 7, 2019

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Dweaming Image

I once heard that your dreams are aspects of your everyday life put in a blender, with sugar and spice and everything nice.

I often wake up and text my friends and family that they have made an appearance in my dream. Their cameos range from living in a tree together, to pushing them off the edge of a cliff…but that is beside the point.

If everyday life is a smoothie menu for dreams, you never know which dream you will get served as you close your eyes.

This makes me think, that similarly to the Power Puff Girls, occasionally there is some chemical X present in the batch.

I think that’s when not so sweet dreams are born.

The other night, I dreamt baseball sized leeches were under my skin and I had to cut them out myself.

I dream that all my teeth fall out on Friday afternoon, just as all the dentists in Melbourne pack up their tools and go on holiday indefinitely. I’m left unable to eat or talk.

When I dream up something scary, where did my brain find the ingredients for this dream? Did I add chemicals to the batch?

Or something worse? Could it be that weird coloured sludge at the beach after a storm that ended up in my dream smoothie? It can’t be organic fruits.

However, this week I am too tired to dream.
If it means no leeches…I don’t think that I mind.

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