Elyse’s 2019

By Elyse Aparo , December 19, 2019

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Elyse’s 2019 Image

started the year with friends at a festival

watched the sunrise
got thrown around in a mosh pit
talked about big dreams that felt impossible
drove in the wrong direction
went to japan
met very special grandparents
ate raw fish
sent an important email
saw snow
felt warm on the inside
underwhelmed at fashion week
met fluff
baby sat dogs
cried over easter weekend
stayed at fluff
booked Europe
cried some more
worried about money
thought about staying home
worked till midnight a lot
got very drunk on red wine
said goodbye to some friends for a while
flew on my own for the first time
ate cheese in a park with beautiful people
walked a lot
sweat a lot
really missed koj
thought about exchange
felt connected to my roots in Italy
wished family was with me too
felt tired
fell in love with milos
stayed in a hotel alone
felt so glad to be home
had my phone stolen
felt heartbroken
cut my hair
koj got big news
baby brother turned 18
felt very loved on my birthday
went to the climate change protest
saw the 1975
got film developed
went to a jazz doof
worked till midnight a lot
did some factory work
sold half my wardrobe at a market
cuddled bunnies
loved Friday’s
felt stressed
got an acceptance letter
said goodbye to Melbourne
said hello to New York

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