Embrace Your True Beauty (Blah Blah)

By Jai Kaldor, February 8, 2019

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Embrace Your True Beauty (Blah Blah) Image

November 28, 2011. That was the day I confidently decided makeup was not my jam.

It was my year 10 formal (young, fun and 15). My sister had sweetly organised for me to have my makeup professionally done at Napoleon Perdis, which was all v new and exciting to me, as I was practically a feral and had never owned/used an inch of makeup in my life.

After an ~exhausting~ hour of having my face pampered and caressed, the makeup artist finally spun my chair around to the Hollywood vanity mirror and I literally (no exaggeration at all) squealed. I was princess Fiona. An Oompa Loompa. I was an over cooked pumpkin with the seeds left un-scooped (I’m freckly). No thank you.

You can bet that I haven’t touched foundation, BB cream, or any sort of skin masking liquid since. See, the main issue for me was the layer of foundation trying to mask my ~imperfections~… My freckles. I could see them peering through, wanting to be unveiled, and I didn’t blame them. It looked weird, why would you want to cover something that was non-negotiable? If anything, the whole experience made me want to make a stand for me, myself and my freckles by rebelling against and repelling any makeup that came our way.

Coming around to the middle of 2018 (lol ironic and pathetically late seeing as I work in fashion & beauty) and yeah, I’ve purchased a few cosmetics. I’m a lip liner gal, I dig a brown tone lip colour too. I’ll rock a bit of red mixed with a bit of bronzer if I’m feelin’ cute, but you’ll still never find that liquid s**t in my draw. Lip colours, Eyebrow gel and Bronzer. The holy trio (oh and I’m guilty of an outrageous eyeshadow colour every second weekend). I’d finally found what works best for me. 

Many of my gals wear foundation daily, why not? It suits them and their skin tone, it just works. Not for me though, and I’d rather chuck a Kimmy K and contour that bitch as I’m not blessed with cheek bones nor a chiselled jaw.

Anywho, that’s where I’m at today. Embrace your true beauty (blah blah) but also do whatever you want, have fun, wear colourful eyeshadow, lip sticks and nail polish.

Oh, and Fluff came knocking at my door and it’s been faithful to my cheek bones, eye lids and jaw line ever since.

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