Facing The Day With My Face On

By Pearl Hinton, January 30, 2019

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Facing The Day With My Face On Image

Makeup and I go way back.

We’ve had an on again, off again relationship for half a decade.

Makeup makes me feel pretty, it makes me feel put together. I can face the day with my face on.

But I don’t like how I feel without it on. I’m vulnerable. All these stories in my head are telling me you’re not pretty enough. The acne on my face is like brightly shining constellations and I can’t help notice you staring. I want to hide. Please don’t look at me in the eyes. I notice your gaze falling. I want to disappear.

I’ve learnt after dealing with this strange outburst of hormonal acne, you’ve got to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

As hard as it is, you need to be brave. My face doesn’t define me. The zit above my lip isn’t necessarily the first thing you notice about me.

I want my makeup to enhance what I already have and not use it as a mask to hide insecurities.

So I’ll go to work without makeup on to give my skin a bit of fresh air. And tomorrow when I hit the town, I’ll enjoy painting my face and feeling confident.

Makeup and I are working through our issues in hopes of a healthy, non-toxic relationship.

I love you makeup. I hope you still love me, with and without my face on.

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