February 2022

By Ellen Jenkinsn, September 13, 2022

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February 2022 Image

Came home. Felt good to be in my own bed. Felt good to have a hot shower. Missed the ocean. Missed early morning swims, muesli and black coffee. Missed waking up somewhere new everyday. Felt a little unsettled being settled. Apartment smelt like pond water but had eggs and mandarin juice waiting for me. Hung with a little human who feels a whole lot like a lot love. Ate a lot of fruit. Fixed apartment smell. Spent more time at the beach. Loved my community. Had many people turn up to my balcony at all hours of the day and night (some welcome, some not). Went back home and watched two of my favourites marry in the most imperfectly perfect way. Realised I wasn’t in their life like I used to be. Accepted that. Felt pretty tired. Pretty stressed. Pretty loved. Pretty good. 

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