Finding satisfaction in the present

By Mia Riseley, September 8, 2021

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Finding satisfaction in the present Image

I was scrolling

through Instagram the other day when I came across a video interview with Kanye West from a few years back. He was talking about a little mantra his mum had taught him as a child, “sometimes it just is, and we just are.” 

Isn’t that interesting to think about.

“Sometimes it just is, and we just are.” 

I think we spend so much time friending for this fantasised version of ourselves or our lives that we forget to live in and accept the present moment. The funniest part is: if we ever end up getting that job we wanted, or those cool boots we so badly craved, or that super overpriced y2k handbag we found on Depop, we will always be focusing on what comes next. Sometimes we just need to teach ourselves that where we are now is okay.

The truth is that life moves so fast that sometimes we forget we are moving at all. So give yourself a hug, kiss a friend, eat some cake, read a book.

“Sometimes it just is, and we just are.”

While being optimistic is great, sometimes it’s a lot to ask. So I ask you to simply accept. Accept what is happening now, accept that you will get through it.

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