By Alex Thomas, August 5, 2020

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Fresh Image

I am feeling very comforted and inspired by my space recently.

The freshness and the vibrancy of my own personal domain brings me joy. It fills my cup, keeps me full. It gives me solace when I feel alone or dissatisfied. Even surrounded by people, sometimes words on paper are my ultimate comfort. I have been questioning whether I like my own company too much. I thoroughly enjoy being alone. It makes me feel centered. As I listen to my own thoughts roll in- it becomes a time of inner reflection, of inner peace. It is tranquil. I highly recommend it. Sit alone, undisturbed, and think. The moments I am the most consciously still are those moments. They inspire me to write.

So, I tell myself that self-seclusion is worth the end game of productivity. Am I paying a price for creativity?

To be full or alone?

Full of thoughts, things to say


Just a single body in a bedroom?

What do you do with your time?

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