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Freya is up in the clouds. She has lots of thoughts that she turns into words. Some of them make it onto her website - She’s a mess, but that's okay; she’s still in her lost boy days.

By Freya Sul, January 17, 2019

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two-thousand-and-eighteen : the year I was eighteen

🍈 once again ended up in the place I’ve always tried to escape

🍈 grieved my old life

🍈 tried to figure out what to do whilst in limbo

🍈 slept, a lot

🍈 laid in bed imagining scenes in my head

🍈 missed people

🍈 became a legal adult

🍈 somehow got more clueless than ever

🍈 thought a lot or a little about a lot of things

🍈 tried to eat ketogenic

🍈 thought I could be a fashion designer

🍈 didn’t change

🍈 got too invested in Instagram

🍈 read the chic diet

🍈 cried a lot

🍈 liked being stupid and dumb

🍈 was good at it

🍈 bought a pack of cigarettes

🍈 apparently looked 21

🍈 replayed old scenes

🍈 made new ones in my head

🍈 became a music snob

🍈 lost track of time

🍈 woke up after months

🍈 reflected on myself and others

🍈 wrote a lot, about every little thing

🍈 decided to make my Instagram what I really wanted it to be

🍈 discovered a new distaste in seeing photos of people

🍈 unfollowed people

🍈 lost followers

🍈 isolated myself

🍈 pretended it was my choice

🍈 lashed out

🍈 yelled

🍈 wished I’d said sorry

🍈 fell in love with new images in my head

🍈 wondered about the future

🍈 changed my diet to accommodate daily chupachups

🍈 wished I could be eighteen forever

🍈 found fluff

🍈 wrote to them

🍈 felt sound because there was someone or something I could write to about things I don’t like to talk about

🍈 danced around the house all night

🍈 wished I could play guitar

🍈 missed my care bear

🍈 found joy in taking cool pictures

🍈 lost joy when people didn’t seem to like them as much as I did

🍈 questioned what I am good at

🍈 liked being sad and having feelings

🍈 got a job

🍈 bought things that never left Australia

🍈 saw old friends

🍈 gazed at mirrors

🍈 found out what I really look like

🍈 took photos

🍈 contemplated changing myself again

🍈 decided against it, for now

🍈 decided to be a part-time artist

🍈 bought art things

🍈 didn’t draw

🍈 gave myself fake hope

🍈 disappointed myself

🍈 ran out of time

🍈 ran around trying to make up for it

🍈 bought useless things

🍈 felt endorphins rushing through me

🍈 became a little grumpy

🍈 moved to a new country

🍈 got new people, a new house, new things to do

🍈 avoided my house like the plague

🍈 lived on tomatoes, carrots, muesli bars and sparkling water for two weeks

🍈 developed an obsession with ugly cars

🍈 didn’t mind being ugly sometimes

🍈 made some clothes

🍈 created. made ?

🍈 struggled to style winter clothes

🍈 dressed for comfort above all

🍈 decided to go to LA and become an aspiring actress

🍈 realised that is stupid fell into a daze

🍈 followed the steps, didn’t get anywhere

🍈 became a bouncy ball

🍈 replaced my wardrobe with white singlets

🍈 took some days to recover

🍈 felt inadequate and clueless

🍈 forgot the difference between taking inspiration and outright theft

🍈 decided I wanted 10 different jobs squished into one

🍈 wore pyjamas every Thursday

🍈 liked a boy

🍈 lost my ID and bank card

🍈 got them back

🍈 realised capital letters aren’t so BAD

🍈 got fed up and cut a fringe

🍈 smoked too much

🍈 got dizzy

🍈 had nightmares

🍈 danced around in the snow

🍈 let a snowflake land on my tongue

🍈 welcomed ladybirds into my room

🍈 destroyed my sleep schedule

🍈 destroyed every type of schedule

🍈 became a cowboy

🍈 said goodbye

🍈 cancelled plans for no reason

🍈 didn’t feel guilty about it

🍈 ate a brussel sprout for the first time. hated it.

🍈 developed a sugar addiction

🍈 am trying to overcome it

🍈 reminisced

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