Guy Vadas: Y/N

By Fluff Editorial, September 25, 2018

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Guy Vadas: Y/N Image

Good luck? Yes.

Dimples? Yes. Red? No. Sweet? Yes. Bad luck? No. Telling a truth that hurts? Yes. Pottery? Fuck yes. Winter? No. Cubby houses? YES. Floating in the ocean? NO.

Sour? NO. Sleeping with the blinds open? YES. Phone calls? YES. Less makeup? YES. Beanies? YES. “Bless you” to strangers? YES. Do you care about global warming? NO. Holding hands? YES.

Reading the book before seeing the film? NO. Have you left your body before? NO. Pasta? YES. Sparkling water? YES. Do you believe in soul mates? YES. Eating grapes at the supermarket? NO (big time YES). Messy? HECK YEAH.

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? NO. Slime? NO. Spiderman? NO. Breakfast for dinner? NO. God? NO. Robots? YES. BEING A FLUFF BOY ? YES.

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