Here is a ramble

By Mackenzie Black, January 9, 2020

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Here is a ramble Image

The future is:


And now the future is in the past.
So, now it’s not the future.
The future is a lie!
So while we’re talking about lies, let’s talk about future plans.
None of my past future plans have played out.
I hope my present future plans play out.
If my present future plans play out, will I need future future plans?
Do we need plans?
Or at least I do.
I like working towards things, helps with my depression.
In one year I will have a degree.
In five years I’ll have another cat.
In ten years I’ll be 30.
Why would I make plans for when I’m 30 when I’m only 20?
I’m confused too, it’s okay.
Welcome to the future.

Kind regards, cheers and thank u

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