I Am Feeling Really Confused Right Now

By Hannah Tsang, August 28, 2019

Read time: 1 Min

I Am Feeling Really Confused Right Now Image

What is self expression today?

An instagram feed full of girls I wish I could be; pretty and soft. Sexy and confident.

I want to love myself too.

I put on my makeup and an outfit that makes me feel like somebody I am not, taking photo after photo until I decide I am done.

But I am not done yet. The editing and filters I must apply to become a ‘pretty girl’. So I can be like the other girls who are trendy and cool – the ones who like this newfound ‘self expression’.

Self expression on instagram is when girls wear neon colours, cover their photos with little angel stickers and clouds, maybe even aliens and cute anime characters alongside their outfit photo, or selfie.

But is this really self expression? This ‘Y2K’ trend seems repetitive, I can see it in every second post. Is it unique anymore?

I guess that’s up to you, really.

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