I Broke Up With Makeup

By Shelby Hamilton, January 21, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

I Broke Up With Makeup Image

I went on date with Makeup. Like a handful of times. I think we had a nice amount of a nice time.

I painted my nails. Hot Pink. Moisturised. Whatever. On the first date Makeup made me feel like a pretty penny. Just the feeling I should have been feeling. My eyelashes were growing by the second. Success.

Afterwards I felt like I could do anything. Like I was me, but stronger. I did it all over again. Nothing wrong with making up a few things up here and there.

I failed to mention some things. Makeup thought I was mysterious. Desirable, even. It’s amazing what concealing can do. Dating Makeup is so weird. No one really knows what they’re doing or what is going on. Though I think it’s solely for ego purposes, and no one bothers to question it.

Anyway, egos are boring. A problem that I have, is that I become bored easily. Even though I kept seeing Makeup, I reached the point of boredom at record speed. Unsurprising. Every word that came out of Makeup’s mouth may as well have been cement.

Makeup started to think this whole thing we had was much more serious than it was. It was kinda suffocating. Makeup stopped complimenting me. Instead Makeup was smothering me?

I thought the whole dating part was meant to be fun. I had to tell Makeup that this needed to be way more casual. I felt like I wasn’t even being myself. I didn’t know myself anymore. I’d got used to me, with makeup. Not me on my own.

And makeup didn’t even like the real me, anyway. I said, “Hey, you’re taking up time that I’d rather spend on other things”. So I broke up with makeup.

It’s way easier now. Now we’re just friends. We see each other around. Sometimes we hang out, casually. I think makeup misses me and my face.

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