I had plans for my twenties

By Freya Sul, January 10, 2020

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I had plans for my twenties Image

They start…

This year.

I wanted to be a 22-year-old self-made millionaire. I’m starting to realise maybe 2 years might not be enough to achieve this. I also said I’d start working out and eating healthy and looking after myself and my money when I’m twenty. I have less than a month of hedonistic freedom left.

Whatever age I am I never feel like I’m old enough to be that age. I don’t think anyone does and whatever age I am I should start being who I want to be. Nothing changes in a year but the fact that there is less time to do the things I’d like to. What’s the point in waiting to do stuff I want to do? No one is stopping me from doing it now.

I can’t believe there are people who get married and have kids in their twenties.

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