Impending or Depending

By Nadya Korchev, February 6, 2020

Read time: 2 Mins

Impending or Depending Image

The future is always impending 

While we wait for it to become the present, we assume what it will be.

These assumptions are based on a series of events, which have occurred or not occurred in the past.

We assume that the future depends on our past.

Past actions

Past emotions 

Past words

Past dreams 

Past plans.

The future is life. 

They are hand in hand the same thing 

Think about it 

Everything which will occur in the future makes up the rest of our lives.

Like nature, the future is something we think we can predict 

But when hurricane Katrina comes in to surprise us, we are extremely vulnerable and unprepared, with no control.

Is the universe actually the one in control of our impending futures?

Do our futures depend on what we have solely done in the past or do we have almost no control 

Even when things are going to plan in the present, tomorrow is always another unpredictable day, where things can drastically change.

The only way I can think about this without shitting myself is that there’s a 50/50 chance that something good could happen, but at the end of the day ,bad things usually come to mind first and haunt me in my sleep. 

This is life and life can be a fuck wit, let’s be honest. 

No matter what we do in the present or past, can secure a brighter future for us.

Shit happens and that’s that.

And there is nothing we can do.

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