iPhone Notes

By Tara Grace, May 27, 2019

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The accomplishment of having both nails and toenails matching in colour. How could you possibly  be more put together? 

Listening to ‘I get along without you very well’ by Chet Baker in the bath makes me feel like an old lady. In the best way possible. An old lady when she was younger listening on those headphones that Julia Roberts wears in pretty woman.

When people say there is a universe existing within you, there really is. It’s a world. So basically I travel everyday, from Tara world to another world, forgetting to pack warmer clothes in case it’s not summer elsewhere. 

Things I like: hot chocolate in the cinema, afternoon house dancing, the main theme of Disney’s ratatouille, the jelly bean things on the feet of cats (especially Bella cat), streets with trees on either side so the sky is concealed, compliments stuck on public polls at crossroads. 

Ovaltine is better than milo. Don’t hate me. 

No one looks better at golden hour than my cat.. because he’s orange. He’s the actual sun, the indoor one that likes to look out at his twin by the window. 

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