Is this love?

By Danielle Jung, June 3, 2021

Read time: 1 Min

Is this love? Image


not love,

and everything in between.

Holding onto you for dear life. Not love.

Telling you my deepest darkest secret because I knew you understood. Or maybe I just hoped you would. Maybe love.

Kissing strangers at a nightclub. Not love.

Holding your hand on the first date. Not love.

Blindly taking your side no matter what. God, I hope that was love.

Singing to you on the kitchen floor. Definitely love.

Need someone to talk to? Sure, love.

Asking if you wanted my wisdom teeth. You did. Thanks, love.

Waiting for you to get home. Love!

Diet Coke against my doorframe. The best love there is.

Remembering something I said years ago. Scary, but love.

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