It should get easier though. Right?

By Monica Nunez, April 14, 2020

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It should get easier though. Right? Image

I have literally no one else to talk to about this so this is to myself.

I’ve realised this, all throughout growing up and witnessing it. Relationships and love are so complex and is basically like learning a language. It’s like learning a language because it’s about developing connections and learning to understand each other. It is truly a foreign concept at first glance.

You would think it sounds beautiful but there are moments where you get caught up and confused with what is going on between the two of you. And at those moments, it can become a battle of trying to understand each other, and even though you try so hard, you can possibly end up failing and feeling upmost stupid. 

That’s love though, it’s a language. A beautiful language and, I don’t think you can understand the language of love completely, I believe you can get better at it, maybe even be an expert but it’s something that you will be forever learning. And the reason as to why we learn is, not only because we believe we need to but because we should and because we want to understand them desperately and whole-heartedly.

That’s that art and difficulty of love. I’m still learning. 

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