Jordan & Makeup

By Jordan Novak, February 2, 2019

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i think my relationship with makeup can be described as one that ebbs and flows.

one minute i’m like: YES! let’s cover my whole lid in this emerald green and cover my waterline in heavy, heavy black eyeliner and then put on some deep red lipstick!

whereas other times it’s a minimalistic, let’s just keep it to lip gloss and mascara kinda vibe.

and yes! sometimes there is an in-between. like beautifully sheered out golden lids and a matte lip tint.

makeup also made me a freer, more creative person. when i feel like wearing graphic blue eyeliner to school, there’s no one who could possibly tell me i look crazy and that i should wipe it off.

i like being able to show how i’m feeling at that moment through makeup, it’s just another form of self-expression for me. i also like how makeup can bring people together. (i mean, mario and kim are besties because of makeup…)

i do my friends makeup all the time, and usually one of the end results of this is either they get into a new routine with makeup, whether it’s adding new steps, learning a new skill, or maybe even shortening their routine.

seeing the effect you have on someone after making them able to look at themselves in a different light because of makeup is pretty nice.

point is— makeup is pretty damn cool.

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