Jordan’s 2020

By Jordan Howes, January 2, 2021

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Jordan’s 2020 Image

Questioned everything.

Overthought everything. Read my tarot, ignored my tarot. Fell out of love. Cried, and then cried some more. Discovered anxiety, developed insomnia, had a panic attack. Moved house, moved house again, lived out of a suitcase for three months, moved house for a third time. Was reunited with all my things. Almost got out of debt. Got back in debt. Made plans and then cancelled all my plans. Lost some friends, missed those friends. Tried meditation. Ate a lot of pasta. Called my mum. Turned a friendship into a relationship. Had a lot of sex. Fell in love. Bought some cowboy boots that I didn’t need with money I didn’t have. Dyed my hair peach, and then dyed it back to brown. Got lots of tattoos. Invested in Invisalign. Drank a lot of coffee, discovered oat milk. Made a new friend, realised we’d already met two years ago. Was jealous of everyone’s dogs. Bought some new plants. Killed some plants. Thought about buying a desk, still working from the dining room table. Fantasied about buying a lot of expensive furniture. Felt selfish. Felt lonely. Felt pretty. Felt loved. Let go, moved on. Still overthinking everything.

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