July Horoscopes

By Fluff Editorial, July 2, 2019

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Things to do to feel that feeling of Pretty.

Writing down all the words that pop into your brainwaves. Taking your shoes off and moseying around the green grass or dirty dirt. Massaging your hair with a new conditioner and being sure to include every hair on your head. Crying upside down and letting the tears travel past your temples and drip drop onto the floor. 

Examining your teeth in the mirror, what lovely fangs you have. Painting delicate art with nail polish that you don’t want to use on your nails anymore. Listening to a fast song in the morning when everything is still slow. Noticing litter on the street and not ignoring it but instead putting it in the nearest bin. 

Not feeling like destroying things all the time, leaving things be. Maybe even protecting them. Playing Mario Kart by yourself or with a BFF and imagining a car around you. Braiding someone else’s hair if you know how to braid. Adding sesame seeds to swim around in your ramen bowl.

Being late and not worrying about an excuse because you’re there now. Wearing stockings and shorts together is fun. Creating jelly in a satisfying colour and staring at it for a while. Wanting to stick your hand in it and then sticking your hand in it. Seeing floppy disks at Officeworks in all the different colours. Pretending all the secrets to the universe live on these big flat old usb spaceships.

Thinking you’re on broadway when you watch Chicago. Pointing your toes and razzle-dazzling your hair. Daydreaming about being married to someone you’ll probably never marry but that’s what daydreaming is for. Making a zine about yourself to read to yourself. Cooking soup from scratch and if it tastes bad no one has to eat it anyway. 

Reminding yourself that no one is looking at you, you just tell yourself that. It’s so pretty when you don’t take your face too seriously. It’s just like, yeah, here is my face. Living your alien truth because Earth is a planet in the solar system so that means you were born in outer space. 

When you paint and you don’t think about it and when it sucks you don’t beat yourself up about it. Because what is a good painting anyway? Saying hey to trees and not expecting a hey back. Singing happy birthday every day because it’s someone’s birthday somewhere and it’s a classic. 

Speaking all of these words out loud doesn’t make you pretty pretty. You can just not talk for a little while. You’ll notice more and noticing things is #pretty. Taking the time to try to bake your favourite cookie at home even if you can’t bake. Because you’re currently spending too much monies on them at the bakery. 

Usually walking alone but asking someone to go for a walk with you to see how it goes. When you unlearn something shit and outdated an old person taught you once upon a time. You can make the future pretty. Reminding yourself that that awkward moment is only awkward if you make it. Awkward no more.

Seeing a TV and not turning it on, better yet forgetting TVs exist. Magically remembering your mum’s phone number in a world full of unknown numbers. Being served dinner on a coloured plate. 

When whatever you’re doing is exactly what you feel like doing. Angels need haircuts too, you guys aren’t dissimilar. Confidently leaving your Sylvanians home alone because you trust them with the washing and the wine cellar. 

Don’t you feel weirdly pretty when someone has a crush on you and they remember everything you say? Is that weird or pretty? Teaching yourself how to play the tambourine even though it’s not that complicated but you still did it anyway. 

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