By Fluff Editorial, August 7, 2019

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Do you open your eyes under water? Yes.

Are you allergic to anything? Yes. Are compliments important? Yes. Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Yes & No. Breakfast for dinner? Yes. Can you fall asleep on a floor? Yes.

Cubby houses? Yes. Peanut butter? Yes. Coffee every morning? No. Telling a truth that hurts? Yes. God? Yes. Have you dyed your hair before? Yes. Prank calls? Yes & No. Do you keep a journal? Yes.

“Bless you” to strangers? Yes. Sashimi? Yes. Crying in public? Yes. Have you had a lucid dream before? Yes. Do you like birthdays? No. Rainbows? Yes. Dry shampoo? No. Eating grapes at the supermarket? Yes.

Internships? Yes & No. Reading a book before you see the movie? Yes. Do you have a teddy bear? Yes. Sea shells by the sea shore? Yes. Dancing with no music on? Yes. Are you happy? Yes & No.

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