Lily Gets

By Fluff Editorial, September 26, 2018

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Lily Gets Image

I get scared when I drive and don’t remember the journey

I get grumpy if I wasn’t welcomed by any dreams in my sleep 

I get self-conscious when my tummy becomes bloated 

I get sad when I see the petals falling off my tulips

I get confused when everything seems okay but then my body shuts down and a tsunami of anxiety hits me 

I get nervous every time I put on something tight

I get butterflies every time someone tells me they love me 

I get worried when I text someone “home safe?” And get no reply 

I get curious when someone gets offended by something I say even though they asked for the truth 

I get creative when I sit in the sun and feel it’s warmth

I get thrilled when I stand in front of 20th century art 

I get angry when I make quick judgements about people I don’t know anything about 

I get envious when I see beautiful girls 

I get happy when I see couples who are in love 

I get furious when I see the mistreatment of animals and the planet

I get radiant when I apply fluff products

I get cheerful when I see people apply fluff products 

Because everything I get and feel is all fluff anyway.

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