Lily’s 2018

By Lily Razuki, December 20, 2018

Read time: 2 Mins

Lily’s 2018 Image

🌼 Returned from the other side of the world

🌼 Took a step back, tried to figure out what was important

🌼 Tried to figure out WHO was important

🌼 Fell back into the same bullshit

🌼 Was unhappy but didn’t bother to find out why

🌼 Started a new job

🌼 Loved it

🌼 Hated it

🌼 Fell out of love

🌼 Fell in love with myself

🌼 Ran away

🌼 Met the amazing London Town

🌼 Felt eternal unity in my family

🌼 Burnt bridges

🌼 Built better ones

🌼 Watched a holy elephant bathe with a half legged Indian Guru

🌼 Admired beautiful Israeli men and women

🌼 Fell in lust more times than i can count

🌼 Had a song written about me on the beaches of Goa

🌼 Found a female best friend

🌼 Realised the importance of connection

🌼 Became a dancing yeti in the fields of Tocumwal

🌼 Covered myself in colour powder, became a rainbow

🌼 Met a fairy

🌼 Blew an eyelash and wished to be one myself (still waiting)

🌼 Gave my hard drive to a boy i shouldn’t have

🌼 Learnt never to lend things to ‘casuals’

🌼 Kissed in the rain

🌼 Had pink hair

🌼 Secretly loved it

🌼 Got high

🌼 Felt sad for the first time in months

🌼 Hated it, but understood the importance of emotional balance

🌼 Started writing a children’s book about flowers, fairies and trolls

🌼 Realised i wanted to be a sunflower

🌼 Two cute boys told me i was one

🌼 Fell in lust, again

🌼 Went to the ballet with a daisies in my hair

🌼 Told myself i loved myself for the first time in my life

🌼 Felt shit

🌼 Fell down the rabbit hole of the toilet bowl

🌼 Wondered how i let this new me fall into that emotional and physical struggle again

🌼 Realised im not living if I’m not dancing

🌼 Met a male ballet dancer, kissed him

🌼 Met a female ballet dancer, kissed her

🌼 Ate sugar cubes and rolled down soft grassy hills

🌼 Went down a slide backwards and lost my underwear

🌼 Had a couple bad hair days

🌼 Bought a fluff magic ’42’ ball

🌼 Named it ‘Obi’

🌼 Asked it if it liked its name, got “Y” in return

🌼 Painted sunflowers on a fridge

🌼 Hugged my mum when she was sad

🌼 Finally felt like i was walking in my purpose

🌼 Made a list of my favourite colours

🌼 Got frustrated because i love them all

🌼 Apologised to the colours i don’t understand yet

🌼 Hugged a tree

🌼 Wore fluff one day and got told i was glowing

🌼 Continued applying my magic cloud with my Kabuki brush

🌼 Said Kabuki out loud cos its fun

🌼 Now, just taking life day by day.

🌼 Its pretty sweet. Like honey.

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