Maggie’s 2020

By Maggie Jacobson, December 22, 2020

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January /

Ever been sprayed in the eyes with sriracha? Yes, sriracha – the spicy, hot chilli sauce with the green lid? Pro-tip from me to you; if you ever want to be able to handle the scent without your eyes welling up and cold sweats rippling through your body, avoid this experience at all costs.

February / For the first time in my life, my mother came out dancing and drinking with my sisters and I. From that point on dance battles, chicken wings and suitcases had an entirely new connotation for me.

March /  I took three photos in the Woolworths aisle and each one was completely bare. Never before had such an awful, unsettling feeling hit me like the way it did that day.

April / Blinding Lights Tiktok Dance: Family Edition. Highlight of the video? How our family dog sat completely unbothered in the middle of our dance-troupe style formation as if this activity was a daily occurrence in our household. Spoiler, it most definitely is not.

May / Turned 23 and despite it being a quarantine birthday like it was for so so many others, honestly I don’t think I’ve ever felt more loved than I did that day.

June / The home workouts were made quite enjoyable by my dog being present throughout each session acting as my very own personal fitness coach, mentor and hypeman.

July / The adjustment to COVID safe social outings included a trip to the drive-in cinema to see Kill Bill II. 10/10 evening if I do say so myself.

August / Saw DMA’s in another COVID safe social event and loved every single second of it. The concert was seated (and of course socially distanced) which meant that for the first time in my 5’1 life I could see everything on the stage for the whole night. Not to sound dramatic but it was a magical experience.

September / Found out that soda water is a life saver to get (minor) stains out of carpet. Pour a little onto a towel, use firm patting motions and it’s like nothing ever happened.

October / On October 20th we had to say goodbye to our family dog, Zak, after getting to spend 14 years with him. It was heartbreaking and I miss and think about him everyday. Dogs are the greatest, most pure companions that we as humans could ever ask for and that’s why we feel Zak’s absence everyday as if he left us just yesterday. There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t give right now to have him back with me on the end of my bed as I write this.

November / If you’re 1 ½ hours into a walk up Tomaree Head Summit that should have only taken 25 minutes roundtrip, turn around ASAP.

December / I was taken to the aquarium for a date. Call me sappy but I loved every second of it, especially the penguins and the dugong.

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