Mayumi’s 2019

By Mayumi Kelly, January 7, 2020

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Mayumi’s 2019 Image

Jumped Backflipped out of a plane and flew over the ocean

Tried to be organised, failed


Live music


Played computer games in class

Heard some lies, heard the truth

Lots of bubble tea

Graduated high school

Danced a lot, sang a lot, cried a lot, laughed a lot, walked a lot, but sat a lot

My brain did a lot; Thinking, sitting still and silenced, pondering, questioning, deciding, accepting, all of the above simultaneously…

Spent days doing nothing 

Tried to be organised again, kinda worked

Got into uni

Everything I own is out of storage

I really got to know myself. Myself; that’s good, an individual; grateful. 

Probably did quite a lot more, 365 days is a while, but it’s all a soggy memory now

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