Me & Makeup Like to Keep It Simple

By Jolie Price, February 13, 2019

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Me & Makeup Like to Keep It Simple Image

I think the first time I was properly exposed to makeup was in the early years of high school.

Girls wearing foundation to cover their near perfect skin, the black, smudged eyeliner look.

Growing up with a hippie mother, makeup was never really spoken about. Mumma always wanted me to embrace my natural beauty and to stay away from the chemicals.

And to this day, following in my mums footsteps, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with natural products – skin care and makeup – that are not tested on animals.

I’m very blessed to be comfortable with the way I look, considering a lot of people are unhappy or insecure about the way they look! I’m comfortable with my features, and my goal is to always just enhance the way I already look.

If anything, I see makeup as a form of art. The way it can transform a face is incredible. As a fashion photographer I’m exposed to the beauty industry as it’s a prominent part to shoots. The way makeup is matched with outfits, looks, locations. It’s seriously insane!

I’ve also had an emotionally draining experience with acne over the last few years – which has now improved A LOT due to these natural makeup and skincare products. I never really wanted to wear makeup, but I was almost forced to, to feel confident enough to go to school. Should I wear powder, or liquid foundation? What concealer do I use? It was all very new to me and all I wanted was the most natural look.

My goal is to keep my relationship with makeup clean and natural.

Just because someone doesn’t like sunflowers, doesn’t mean you aren’t a flower!

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